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The Safer Travel Directory has been awarded the Co-op America Business Seal of Approval, and is a member of Co-op America's Business Network and can be found in Co-op America's National Green Pages™.

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The Safer Travel Directory: An International Guide for the Health Conscious Person

Planet Safe . . . People Safe
Green Lodging for the Health Conscious and those who are Sensitive to Chemicals

Breathe easy at vacation and relocation destinations that are healthy for you and the planet. Find a healthy oasis in the completely updated 2006 edition of the Safer Travel Directory: An International Guide for the Health Conscious Person. This extensive directory features more than 300 green vacation or relocation spots where little or no chemical cleaners, air fresheners, or insecticides are used, and many have green-built buildings. Find chemically-safe green hotels, B&Bs, spas, campgrounds, and real estate. An invaluable appendix supplies lists of green home builders, eco-villages, landscapers, air travel, cruises, periodicals and support groups. The Safer Travel Directory web site adds RV-travel tips, free classifieds for individuals seeking less toxic housing, and general information about MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivities). Launch your vacation or relocation by logging onto For interviews contact:



The "Safer" in Safer Travel Directory was inspired by the 1995 movie "Safe" (rated R) in which the main character inexplicably becomes "allergic to the 20th century." Twentieth Century Disease (also known as Multiple Chemical Sensitivity) is a very frightening, very real disability with no cure brought about by some 60,000 chemicals present in our environment, many of which have devastating effects on MCS sufferers, even present in tiny amounts.

Biography of the Creator of the Safer Travel Directory

Founder Nancy Westrom (1945-2007) compiled the Safer Travel Directory out of her need to find safe lodging while traveling. She had sensitivities to chemicals found in carpeting, wallpaper, new furniture, cleaning products, and pesticides. This condition is called Multiple Chemical Sensitivities, or MCS. She was not alone. Thousands of others have the same problem to varying degrees. Nancy was frustrated by the difficulty she had in finding lodging that didnít make her ill. While staying in typical motels, Nancy experienced a variety of disturbing symptoms, such as disabling muscle and joint pain, and painful headaches. This travel guide was created out of her frustration with most motels. The guide is for people with chemical sensitivities and those who are concerned about their health. It lists safer motels, hotels, vacation, and real estate.

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