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Gail and Gary Porter, our RV correspondents, will be sending in reports as they travel around the country.

Any questions? Contact Gail Or Gary Porter at or
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Other RV Resources

'SPIRIT OF THE OPEN ROAD' by Peggi McDonald is an excellent book for all RVers, both novice and experienced travelers. Although written from a Canadian point of view, it is 95% generic and a valuable guide to RVers from all countries. For details -

Other useful sites are and They are designed to assist the international RV'er.

RV Living for the Chemically Sensitive

Motor home: We have a 34 foot 1988 Holiday Rambler Presidential Class A motor home. We tow our car behind us on a car caddy. Gary is mechanically inclined which is almost mandatory if you're going to own a class A or class C, otherwise basic repair bills can be pretty high. We bought the Rig used last August. We were fortunate to find a Rig that did not need too much to make it MCS tolerable for me. I did wash all of the walls and curtains. We did a really good job of vacuuming the rugs. We have since had them cleaned. Some day I'd like to rip them all out and put in tile of some type. Gary had to do exhaust system work and replace the gasket on the engine cover.

If you are looking, make sure you look at Holiday Rambler brand trailers (also known as "towables"). HR is the top of the line and yet very reasonably priced. They are MUCH better constructed and extremely well insulated than most other brands. We did our homework and looked for almost a whole year before we found what we were looking for. Once we discovered the HR brand, we wouldn't even look at any other brand, that's how impressed we were.

Campground prices: Daily prices average $20-25 per night for water/electric/sewer ("full" hookup) at off-season, non-seasonal and general location campgrounds. Seasonal prices and high demand locations can run $40-75 a night. Always remember to ask for weekly and monthly prices if there is a chance you're going to stay more then one or two nights. Weekly and monthly rates are almost always available and will save you money. Organizations to consider being a member of include KOA Kampgrounds (10% off the daily rate at all KOA Kampgrounds), AAA (10% or more off the daily rate at participating campgrounds, plus they have wonderful maps, tour books and campground directories which are free), Good Sams Club (this is your basic campers organization, lots of little perks at stores, service centers, and campgrounds). There are tons of other organizations which you can join. They may or may not pay for themselves in the long run. Don't jump on something just because it sounds good. Really check out discount campground programs, look at the directory, make sure they have enough campgrounds in the areas you want to travel to make the cost of membership practical. As MCS'ers we don't do Rallies or large group events, keep this in mind when you look at the "selling" features of any organization. One other thought on the Rally topic. I have been told that arrangements can be made for electrical hookups at rallies that advertise "dry camping" only. Dry camping means no hookups at all. As MCS'ers we need to be able to run a/c and cook on electric without being surrounded by other people running generators. I'll expand on this in another email if you are interested in more info.

Holding Tanks We use a product called "Odorlos". It is exactly that, odorless. It's made in Norway. I don't claim to know how or why it works, but I know it does. We can always tell when we forgot to put it in the black water (toilet) holding tank. One hint, remember to keep your holding tanks CLOSED even when you are hooked into septic at campgrounds. Only open them when they need to be drained. Otherwise, the liquid portion runs right down the sewer line and the solid stuff stays behind in the tank - - - not good, trust me on this point.

Sealing Agent One more thought, there is a sealing agent available from SafeCoat Products that can be brushed on almost any hard surface that will safely seal it and prevent all future outgassing. If you get Our Toxic Times newsletter, there is usually an ad in there for the company.

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